Building a solar electric system

My entry into solar energy came as a direct result of my interest in wind energy. I started building a wind generator and purchased batteries so there would be something for it to charge. Then I ended up getting some solar panels because the wind generator wasn't finished. Learning more about how not to ruin batteries led me to purchase a charge controller. Then I had to get an inverter to be able to use all this energy. In the mean while I had to get a tower for the wind machine, install it, get the right kind of charge controller for it, get a diversion load for it, and so it seems to go on forever. It's a fun, if rather involved, hobby.
The 24volt Battery bank
The 24 volt battery bank. Wieghing in at over 3000 lbs. These are lead cadmium telco UPS batteries. They are not meant to cycle more than 15% from full charge.
solarboost controller
The PV combiner box and solar boost 3048 charge controller. These carry 48volts from the PV panels.
On the AC side
The Main disconnect box - 175 amps at 24 volts DC, and the 2.5Kw 24vdc/120vac inverter. This begins the 120 volt AC side of the system.
overall view of system
Here is the overall view of the system. The PV panels are outside the building on the left side. The wiring enters the combiner box and is fused with a 10 amp fuse per panel pair. A single pair (plus ground) leaves the combiner box and goes to the charge controller. 48 volts from the PV panels is converted to 24 volts and sent to the batteries via a 35 amp dual disconnect switch. The charge controller makes use of a temperature sensor connected to a battery terminal. Note that all wiring except for the shielded 2/0 guage wiring to the large Disconnect box and the system ground is in conduit.