Raising the finished wind generator

After a too long delay, the parts are all assembled and ready for raising into a breezy clear sky.

Above is the assembled wind generator on the tower waiting to be raised. The turbine blades are attached to the generator which is attached to a T pipe assembly. The idea of this assembly was to secure the generator and furling tail to the mast without having to weld any parts.

Above is the same, but a rear view showing the furling mechanism

Here is the tower and wind generator raised and waiting for a breeze strong enough to start the blades. It appears to take about 12 to 15 mph before the blades start up. Note the angle of the tail to the plane of the blades. Not a full 90 degrees.

When the wind picks up into the 20 mph area, the tail starts furling the blades away from the wind stream. This photo shows furling in a 25 mph wind.