Counting the cost

One reason many people want to build a wind generator is to save money. While that may have originally been one of my concerns, it isn't any more. Not that I'm rich (no way !), but I've become convinced that unless your time is worth absolutely nothing, you will not save money building your own wind generator. I suggest buying one, seriously!

However, to be fair, I've decided to put into print what I've spent on this little gem. I won't include most tools since they can be and are used for other things. I also won't include parts that I've had laying around that get used. If you don't have these things at hand, it'll cost you something, even if it's just scrounging time. If you have a history of "doing it yourself" then you have at least some of what you need on hand.

Item description

Cost in $US

Books by Hugh Piggott (required reading)


Baswood for 3 - 3.5' Windmill blades


" Lead wire for balancing blades


Heavy duty truck fan, used


Magnets - 10 " x 1" x 6"


Bearings (2)


Wire - 5 lbs of 21 awe copper - used about 4 lbs


Digital tachometer (for testing)


Total Cost