Building a wind generator from scratch


Chuck Morrison 2001,2002,2003


This publication is not a manual for constructing your own wind turbine. If you do so, you are on your own and incur all the risks yourself. Information included here is incomplete and may be misleading. You owe it to yourself to do your own research and understand these subjects thoroughly before undertaking such a project. I would suggest that you look into purchasing a prebuilt wind generator and save yourself a lot of time and money. It will still be a great adventure and our wind enthusiasts and entrepreneurs need your support. Please note that these documents are being created as I go along. Thus there will be information that is based on conjecture and inexperience. This means that some of it will be pigheadedly wrong, just plain not true or only partially true.

Web Sites of the pros

For great information and a look at the old country see Hugh Piggott's web site. My ancestors came from very near where Hugh lives now (is the wind the real reason the Morrisons left Scotland ?) .

Bergey Wind Electric

African WindPower

Windmission workshop

Proven wind machines

Why do this crazy thing ?

I undertook building a wind generator simply because I wanted to. I'd been fascinated by them since the mid 1970s when I became aware of them through my reading about alternative energy sources. The romance of it struck a chord that has never stopped ringing. It was because of the challenge of learning new things and it seemed like fun, so I started. It has turned out to be very educational and very time consuming. It is an ongoing project that has yet to be completed. I include this narrative and photos because I didn't find much like it on the web and thought others might like to share the experience vicariously.


How much energy can you get from small wind turbines ?

Building a set of blades

Acquiring a generator

Replacing Magnets

Rewinding the generator

Finished generator

Testing the generator output

Counting the cost

Batteries and inverters

Raising the wind generator